One mystery, a thousand questions

House of Anubis + social media

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do you ever just really miss the days when the HOA cast was all on set together and would tweet dumb things sometimes to each other and being excited about filming

i do a lot

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anubis ladies + outfits

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Reason #3 to vote for Brad: love

hoa meme - [3/6] students: Eddie Miller

"I did a bit of research about this place, and it turns out the Frobisher-Smythes had a bit of a thing for Egypt.”

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FANGIRL MEME [1/20] actresses
→ Ana Maria Mulvoy-Ten “When I’m in Spain with my family – I think that’s when I’m happiest so that’s why I feel most beautiful, it’s where I feel most grounded and where everything makes sense. It’s so far away from the craziness of Hollywood. All that matters is family, friends and good food! Everything else just seems so insignificant.”